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Roli Rho is one of the founding members of the world renowned NYC turntablist crew, 5th Platoon, alongside other greats: Daddy Dog, Neil Armstrong, Do Boy, Kuttin Kandi, Vin Roc, and I-Emerge.


In his early years, Roli quickly climbed the ranks of the battle scene and became revered as one of the fiercest Beat Jugglers of his time.


It is this honed skill which brought him titles such as New York’s Zulu Champion (1995), the Rhythm Method Champion (1995), 105.9 (NYC) Champion (1995), the ITF East Coast Beat Juggling Champion (1998), the ITF 2nd Place Beat Juggling (1998), a two time Vibe World Dominance Champion (98 & 99), and the DMC East Coast Champion (1999).


After making his mark in the battle circuit, Roli once again began to take the NYC club scene by storm. Using a mixture of party rocking, a versatile approach, and just a touch of his highly refined turntablist ability he quickly climbed the ranks amongst his peers. It was this that landed him in
the longtime mobile DJ crew IntroBass Productions.

After playing the NYC club scene for a few years, Roli found himself passing on his skills of the art form and sharing his knowledge of the culture to students at the Scratch DJ Academy NYC.

This new involvement with Scratch DJ Academy eventually lead him to his next stage of his career, working as a celebrity DJ on the Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines.


After his first few years DJing the high seas, Roli found himself frequenting Arizona where he teamed up with the Coolin Out DJ Squad and the World Famous Blunt Club. It was during this time that Roli began to explore the future sounds of music such as Trap, Twerk, and other EDM variations.


Applying his tablist skills to these newly developed sounds, Roli once again began to re-emerge throughout the national scene.

These days Roli can be found in his hometown of Queens, New York where he has been working on remixes, mixtapes, edits, and production.


His reputation proceeds him and he is highly regarded as one of the most influential and inspirational turntablists today.


Our mission is to preserve turntablist culture and promote the art of sound manipulation. We don’t believe in scratching as a “lost art.” We are creating spaces for people to love and learn the craft together.

Immerse yourself in the art of beat juggling with a two-hour workshop led by DJ Roli Rho

To help expand on the culture, boost progression and get folks into a community setting, TableTurns was officially reestablished in 2017 to bring back the 'learn from your peers' objective.



New York Zulu Champion, 1995

Rhythm Method Champion, 1995

105.9 NYC Champion, 1995

ITF East Coast Beat Juggling Champion, 1995

ITF Beat Juggling Runner Up, 1998

Vibe World Dominance Champion, 1998 and 1999

DMC East Coast Champion, 1999


Scratch DJ Academy, NYC

Rock and Soul, NYC


Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines


Mountain Brothers


The Crown Rooftop, NYC

Fat Buddha, NYC

Ugly Kitchen, NYC

Friends and Lovers, NYC

Bierwax, NYC

Rise Radio, NYC


Asian Avenue Plugged In

All City Battle Breaks, Producer

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